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Kate Spade

When Katherine Noel Brosnahan arrived in New York, she had only $2 in her pocket – the fact that has influenced her simple yet elegant and non-pretentious designs. After being the Fashion Editor at Mademoiselle Magazine, Kate started her own handbag company with her husband, Andy Spade, introducing boxy, nylon tote purses, carrying the small, rectangular signature label. The groundbreaking blend of Kate’s first name and her husband’s last name created a new line of handbags that made simple and understated chic.

Kate Spade handbagsThe principal features of Spade’s style are unusual colors and fabrics that people typically aren’t used to see in handbags: such as white terrycloth, wool plaid, yellow linen or seersucker. Spade managed to make her accessory the ideal exclamation point – playing with bright colors and queer shapes (Kate single-handedly brought the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ whicker basket/handbag into the New York style scene and made it desirable and funky).

American trendies seem to get the punch line. Three years after Spade started her company, the Council of Fashion Designers of America honored her in 1996 as America’s New Fashion Talent in Accessories, and in 1998 the CFDA named her Accessories Designer of the Year.


Being only few years on the market, Kate’s company has already rivaled Gucci and Prada, showing no sign of slowing down. The company, which had about $60 million wholesale sales last year, has freestanding stores in New York, Boston, Greenwich and Beverly Hills. All of the bags are meticulously crafted in Italy and wear well (especially the ‘crinkled leather’ styles). Since Kate Spade purses are both modern and classic (but not trendy) they will never go out of style.

All Kate Spade’s other accessories (notepads, sunglasses, shoes, wallets and beauty products) are equally bright and offbeat. So, no wonder that Spade’s products are showing up on a Vogue “most wanted” list as well as on the arm and feet of celebrities. With certainty – Kate Spade already has New York and L.A. in her bag… and the rest of the world is looking forward to be brightly packed up.


Kate Spade beauty line

Entirely feminine and timeless collection of fragrance, bath and body luxuries, including Eau de Parfum, Buttercream, Dusting Powder and Bath Oil. The collection reflects Kate’s style and design sensibility. Her fragrance was created with the greatest personal attention to Kate’s desire for a simple perfume with a beautiful scent. A makeup collection is to be launched early next year.

Kate Spade eyewear and sunglasses have been featured on shows such as Sex and the City, and have recently caused a stir in the eyewear industry. Whether you are looking at her revolutionary prescription eyeglasses or her stylish sunglasses, it is clear that Kate Spade has a clear grasp of both style and quality.


Kate SpadeHome decor & giftware

In spring 2004 Kate Spade has joined the ranks of top fashion designers veering from fickle fashion to the larger domain of home products, by launching the line of home decor that includes dishes and glasses as well as giftware and bedding. Her giftware includes votives, vases, and bowls capable to beautify any apartment and occasion.

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