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Christian Dior

CD – the logo of Christian Dior House is more than a trademark, it is a legend. For more than 50 years, the name “Christian Dior” spells seduction, creativity and femininity in luxury goods. From his first collection (launched 1947), trendsetters, celebrities and film stars like the Duchess of Windsor, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and their followers – everyone who desires modern design and top quality stick to Dior’s designs for good. Until now, everything that bears the Dior name expresses the sophisticated style, inventiveness, and delight resides to the legendary founder. Since 1987, the House of Dior belongs to the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury goods, the LVMH Group.

From 1947 (when the very first collection came out) to 1957 (the date of death), Christian Dior created a fashion house famous the world over. Christian Dior was born in France in 1905. Designer-to-be studied political sciences, but in 1931 decided to turn to fashion by opening a fashion gallery together with his

fried Jacques Bajean. In 1938 Dior made another step towards Haute Couture heavens – he started working as a designer in the Robert Pique fashion gallery. After returning from World War II, Dior had a very successful collaboration with Pierre Balmain at Lucien Lelong. The year 1946 was a turning point of his career – he created his own trademark and received sufficient funds to open fashion studio on the famous Montaigne Avenue in Paris.

In 1947, Dior infused a fresh spirit into women’s fashion with his very first Paris collection called “New Look”, which was immediately picked up in New York. His designs, featuring rounded shoulders, a cinched waist and a very full skirt liberated ladies fashion from the influence of the war and celebrated the beauty of human body (by coping the shapes of woman body and stressing the shape of breasts). In the post-war era, his splendid collections made him famous, his brand quickly expanding into furs, perfumes and accessories. In the early 1950s Dior revolutionized the world of fashion by introducing “ready-to-wear” in his Dior Boutique, bringing high fashion to the world at large. It was Dior’s genius that managed to establish Paris as the culture capital of the world. Together with his lifelong partner Jaques Rouet, Dior was the settler of license agreements in the fashion business. In 1948, he arranged licensed production of furs, socks, ties, perfumes, and clothing in regional production centers, thus spreading the brand quickly around the globe.

In 1957, Dior suddenly died in Italy and Yves Saint Laurent became head designer of the House. Since Saint Laurent, other well-known designers at this fashion house include Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, and John Galliano.

Before switching to Dior, Galliano, known as the current enfant terrible of the fashion business, was responsible for Givenchy for two seasons. Galliano’s approach to fashion resembles Dior’s who used to establish a romantic and very feminine look, which emphasized luxury rather than comfort. Galliano, in his turn, transformed the CD trademark into an idol for extravaganza lovers.

Currently, Dior operates 60 boutiques worldwide, 15 of them in Japan. Ready-to–wear collections are sold exclusively in the Dior boutiques. Other retailers only carry licensed Dior products like eye-wear, lingerie, ties, baby clothing, perfumes, and other accessories. According to marketing surveys, to date Dior is the most widely recognized brand in top fashion. Dior is a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Pret-a-Porter.


Christian Dior handbags

Only the world’s finest design fashion house could design such exquisite handbags. Gorgeous Dior bags features alluring details – famous “CD” set made in Louis XVI style. Dior handbags are the very essence of beauty & style. Thus it’s not surprise that the logo is recognizable and handbags is popular almost everywhere.


Christian Dior sunglasses

With classy sunglasses from Christian Dior you can accessorize your face in ultra-modern style. CD sunglasses collection is traditionally very fashion-forward, sleekly styled and ideal for today’s customers. Over the years, the Dior brand has been modernized, and the success of its collections has also rides on rectangular frame fronts in flat metal and combination frames.


Christian Dior wathces

Christian Dior watches are traditionally made by the best Swiss watchmakers. Each CD watch is original, exclusive and timeless object, the reflection of a personality. It crowns an outfit, imparting indescribable touch of French elegance that is so appreciated around the world.

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