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Agnes B

Believing- that things do not have to be complicated to be beautiful, agnes b. designs clothes, simply, rather than high fashion. Shying away from global business practices, her outlook is alluringly fresh. Her style might be summed up as modern, crisp and definite. Born in Versailles (1941) as Agnes Trouble, she studied at Paris’ Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts before starting work as a junior editor for French Elle. From here she assisted the designer Dorothee Bis as a stylist and worked as a freelance designer before opening her own Parisian boutique in 1975.

A tonic for any wardrobe, agnes b. designs are intended to make one feel good within one’s own skin. Her tailoring creates an air of unadulterated elegance, while her simple angular cuts ensure timelessness.

A true lover of people rather than fashion, she neither shops nor attends catwalk shows, choosing instead to find inspiration in ‘people watching’, a trait she describes as very French. From her popular snap cardigan to her press-studded cotton jackets there’s something resolutely personal in agnes b. designs. She’ll remake a piece from a past season if a customer requests it, reiterating her belief that people are more important than the clothes.

With over 118 boutiques around the world, agnes b.’s business has grown without advertising. Her collections include clothes and accessories for all – maternity, babies and teenagers included. She is also a photographer, film producer and avid art collector. With two art galleries, a modern art magazine and a cinema production company of her own, agnes b. has got her finger on the pulse of the creative world.

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